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Climate activists block entrance to London Stock Exchange

Environmental activists are blocking the main entrance to the London Stock Exchange after gluing themselves to the doorway while wearing LED displays reading "climate emergency."

Apr 25, 2019

London climate protesters say they will end their blockades

Climate change protesters who brought parks of central London to a standstill for several days say they will end their blockades

Apr 24, 2019

Teen activist says future has been stolen by climate change

Teenage climate-change activist Greta Thunberg has accused adults of stealing young people's future as she met senior British politicians at Parliament

Apr 23, 2019

UK police say 1,065 climate protesters arrested in last week

British police say more than 1,000 people have been arrested since mass climate change protests began in London one week ago

Apr 22, 2019

Climate protesters march in London again; arrests hit 710

London police say more than 710 people have been arrested and some 28 have been charged since climate change protests began earlier this week in the British capital

Apr 20, 2019

UK climate protesters block roads, glue themselves to train

Climate change protesters have glued themselves to a train and blocked major London intersections on the third day of a civil disobedience campaign

Apr 17, 2019


Google: Android users get browser, search options in EU case

Google says EU Android users getting choice of browsers, search apps as it complies with antitrust ruling

Apr 18, 2019

Big tech companies cast as monopolies in UK government study

UK review of digital competition urges new rules to deal with power of tech giants

Mar 13, 2019

As US pushes to ban Huawei, UK considers softer approach

Britain's cybersecurity chief says the country can handle the risks involved with using mobile networks made by China's Huawei

Feb 21, 2019

EU top court adviser: Google can limit right to be forgotten

Europe top court adviser says Google doesn't have to extend "right to be forgotten" rules to search engines globally

Jan 10, 2019

China's Huawei faces new setbacks in Europe's telecom market

Chinese tech giant Huawei faces new setbacks in Europe's telecom market as dispute with US deepens

Dec 23, 2018

AP Exclusive: Iran hackers hunt nuke workers, US officials

The Associated Press has found that a hacking group often nicknamed Charming Kitten has spent the past month trying to break into the personal emails of more than a dozen U.S. Treasury officials

Dec 13, 2018