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AP Explains: Should you be worried about the rise of AI?

Jul 25, 2017

Tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk disagree over the possible threat artificial intelligence could pose to humanity; here's what you need to know to follow their debate

Interim Chancellor Foley to leave University of Missouri

Mar 29, 2017

University of Missouri Interim Chancellor Hank Foley will leave the state's flagship campus in Columbia to become president at the New York Institute of Technology, University System President Mun Choi announced Wednesday

How Google Chromebooks conquered schools

Feb 10, 2017

Google Chromebook laptops, once a mere curiosity, have made tremendous inroads in an unexpected environment _ U.S. schools

Forged racist emails cause stir at University of Michigan

Feb 8, 2017

Someone sent racist and anti-Semitic emails to University of Michigan students and made it look like they were from a computer science professor who pushed for presidential election recounts in several states

Diversity in tech: Lots of attention, little progress

Jan 24, 2017

Despite loudly touted efforts, the tech industry is making very little progress in diversifying its workforce, especially in technical and leadership positions

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