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UK zoo gets license rejected after hundreds of animal deaths

Mar 6, 2017

Local officials have refused to renew the license of an English zoo where nearly 500 animals have died in the last four years

UK judge says Tunisia police 'shambolic' during beach attack

Feb 28, 2017

The Tunisian police response to a deadly gun attack on a popular beach resort was "at best shambolic, at worst cowardly," a British judge said as he ruled that 30 British tourists had been unlawfully killed by an extremist gunman

Epic 'Planet Earth II' offers creatures'-eye view of nature

Feb 16, 2017

From jungles to deserts to mountains, the BBC's epic nature series "Planet Earth II" takes viewers around the world _ and around many genres of television

Shell sells stakes in 10 North Sea fields for $3.8 billion

Jan 31, 2017

Royal Dutch Shell agreed Tuesday to sell stakes in 10 North Sea oil fields to smaller rival Chrysaor for as much as $3.8 billion as it dumps assets to refocus its business in an era of lower oil prices

Shell wins court ruling on Nigerian pollution claims

Jan 26, 2017

Royal Dutch Shell has won a victory before London's High Court in a case brought by Nigerian farmers and fishermen who claimed their lands were polluted by the company's actions

London air pollution 'very high'; heavy fog disrupts flights

Jan 23, 2017

Cold, still weather in London prompted the mayor to issue a "very high" air pollution alert for the first time Monday, while thick freezing fog caused numerous flight delays and cancellations at London Heathrow and other area airports

UK approves stalled Chinese-funded nuclear power plant deal

Sep 15, 2016

The British government on Thursday approved the construction of the country's first new nuclear power plant in more than two decades, a French and Chinese-backed project that had prompted high-level fears about national security

Where's Zika going next? Maybe China, India, or Nigeria

Sep 2, 2016

Scientists trying to predict the future path of Zika say that 2.6 billion people living in parts of Asia and Africa could be at risk of infection, based on a new analysis of travel, climate and mosquito patterns in those regions

Iceland's Met Office: 2 earthquakes rock large volcano

Aug 29, 2016

Iceland's Met Office says two earthquakes have rocked the caldera Katla, of the country's largest volcanos

6 die along British coastlines this weekend

Aug 21, 2016

Six people have died in along British coastlines this weekend in heavy surf and stormy conditions

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