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Frogs, fish and small birds die in English zoo fire

Dec 16, 2018

Chester Zoo says insects, frogs, fish and small birds perished in a fire that broke out in an enclosure devoted to exotic tropical habitats

Visitors evacuated, animals moved after fire at British zoo

Dec 15, 2018

A British zoo says a fire has broken out at one of its enclosures and that visitors were evacuated

Dyson to build electric car in Singapore, snubbing UK

Oct 23, 2018

Dyson, the British company best known for ground-breaking vacuum cleaners, says it will build its electric car in Singapore

In posthumous message, Hawking says science under threat

Oct 15, 2018

Stephen Hawking has spoken from beyond the grave to warn that science and education are under threat around the world

Fracking begins in UK for first time since 2011

Oct 15, 2018

Protesters have gathered near the site of a horizontal shale exploration well in Lancashire in northwestern England, as the energy firm Cuadrilla began the hydraulic fracturing process.

Little-known UK site Bellingcat hunts online for scoops

Oct 9, 2018

A little-known website that fingered two Russians with military intelligence backgrounds in the poisoning of an ex-spy derived its name from an old fable about mice discussing how best to deal with a hungry cat

Beluga whale spotted in River Thames outside London

Sep 25, 2018

A beluga whale has been spotted in the River Thames outside the British capital

Marchers demand better protection for British wildlife

Sep 23, 2018

Marchers demand better protection for British wildlife at the People's Walk for Wildlife in Hyde Park

UK says Brexit could mean less warning of falling space junk

Sep 13, 2018

Britain is warning the European Union that it will only make its full divorce payment if there is a Brexit deal.

Vacuum maker Dyson plans expansion for UK electric car site

Aug 30, 2018

British vacuum maker Dyson submits plans expansion for its electric car center

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