Global Positioning Systems

California crabbers use GPS to find whale-killing gear

Sep 14, 2017

Crab fishermen working out of six California ports are heading out to sea to find trapping gear that can snare and kill whales

Killing of Cecil's son highlights peril facing African lions

Jul 21, 2017

Killing of Cecil's son highlights peril facing African lions as their numbers plummet

Brother of victim in unsolved Ohio massacre appears in court

May 17, 2017

The brother of one of eight victims of an unsolved southern Ohio massacre has appeared in court for a hearing on evidence-tampering and vandalism charges over allegations he destroyed a GPS tracking device placed on his truck by investigators

Massacre victim's brother charged with evidence tampering

May 16, 2017

Ohio authorities on Tuesday charged the brother of one of the victims of an unsolved massacre with tampering with evidence and vandalism for allegedly destroying a GPS device

The Latest: GPS placed on truck of victim's brother in Ohio

May 16, 2017

An arrest warrant says investigators placed a GPS device on the truck of the brother of one of the victims of an unsolved Ohio massacre

Watch their steps: Track journey of Yosemite bears online

Apr 3, 2017

Wildlife enthusiasts worldwide can track the movement of Yosemite National Park's iconic black bears through a new website

AP Exclusive: Colombia 'panic buttons' expose activists

Mar 28, 2017

Colombia's government has issued about 400 GPS-enabled "panic buttons" to human-rights activists, labor organizers and journalists working in risky environments

Nepal to strap some Everest climbers with GPS device

Mar 20, 2017

Some climbers attempting to scale Mount Everest over the next two months will be strapped with a GPS device for their safety and to prevent false claims of reaching the summit

Storm chasers honor "Twister" star with GPS tribute

Feb 26, 2017

Nearly 200 storm spotters and storm chasers around the U.S. worked together to create an online tribute to "Twister" star Bill Paxton, who died at 61 after complications from surgery

GPS device-maker Garmin reeling after Kansas worker killed

Feb 25, 2017

GPS device-maker Garmin is reeling from the death of one of its workers in suburban Kansas City

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