Feeling old? DNA supports an early evolution of our species

Sep 28, 2017

A study of DNA from African fossils is providing new evidence that our species is a lot older than scientists had shown

After 66 million years, creature wins state dinosaur honor

Sep 25, 2017

It took about 66 million years, but a duck-billed creature has finally won recognition as California's state dinosaur.

Neutron beams, x-rays reveal more about T. rex relative

Aug 15, 2017

Researchers at one of the nation's top federal laboratories have used neutron beams and high-energy X-rays to produce the highest resolution scan ever done of the inner workings of a fossilized tyrannosaur skull

Scientists name prehistoric croc after Lemmy from Motorhead

Aug 9, 2017

Scientists have named a prehistoric crocodile described as "one of the nastiest sea creatures to have ever inhabited the earth" after Motorhead frontman and heavy metal icon Lemmy Kilmister

Meet the new heavyweight champion of dinosaurs: Patagotitan

Aug 8, 2017

A new study describes the biggest dinosaur ever, a plant-eater that made T. Rex look like a munchkin

Big, toothy fish found in Nevada chomped prey like sharks

Aug 6, 2017

A fossil found in northeastern Nevada shows a newly discovered fish species that scientists believe looked, and ate, like a shark

Judge: Federal utility must remove coal ash at power plant

Aug 4, 2017

A federal judge has ruled that the nation's largest public utility must excavate the coal ash it stores at a Tennessee power plant and move it to a lined landfill where it doesn't risk further pollution of the Cumberland River

Scientists ID tiny prehistoric sea worm with 50 head spines

Aug 3, 2017

New fossils help scientists discover a prehistoric sea worm with 50 spines on its faceless head

10-year-old boy trips over 1.2M-year-old fossil in desert

Jul 20, 2017

A boy's misstep on a family hike in New Mexico has given the world a prehistoric wonder

Toxins in water under Tennessee power plant causing alarm

Jul 14, 2017

Concerns emerge after arsenic and lead are found in groundwater under a coal-fired power plant in Tennessee

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