The Anatomy of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh by Giant Marketers

Nov 25, 2020

Bangladeshi marketers suppose to be in a more stable position than they are today in the digital marketing platform: let's find the answers with Giant marketers why and what would have been performed.

Chittagong Division, Nov 26, 2020 ( - 'Problems appear to be resolved; It's not a challenge rather it's the exercise of the brain that increases its efficiency by keeping it healthy 'Nazmul Hasan, the CEO and co-founder of Giant marketers, remarked. 

He added, the fear of facing challenges and problems is one of the root causes of their not getting a stable position in this field. 

While asked to point out a major lacking our marketers have, he pointed out the above scenario. 

Masum Billah, the founder of Giant marketers, also explains the source of the fear. In his opinion, the number of digital marketing agencies and individual marketers is growing high day by day in Bangladesh. But still, we are neither recognized as a quality service provider community in the international platforms nor become successful individually in the real sense.  

Yes, there are few exceptions, but these can't be the example. Most of us still don't know how to utilize this platform to give it professional value compared to the international communities. 

 A couple of years back, the government even was not that concerned and acknowledged regarding this emerging field. But the good news is recent, the platform has drawn the eyes of the government and got the commitment of initiatives required to enhance it. 


The Road To The Right Destination:

Both experts emphatically state some factors, scarcity of which keep the window of this platform half-opened. 

They pointed out-


1. Doing Proper study and research:

Without digging in the deep, one should not come to the market place. After all, it is not merely regarding making money; it's a service. So, one must be loyal and honest while serving one's clients. 

2. Understanding Professionalism:  

This is one of the significant reasons for descending the trust of buyers/clients in us. We do have some contracts and commitments with our clients while being assigned to projects. But the tendency of showing negligence towards the commitment is seen among most Bangladeshi marketers, especially those who are new in the market place.

3. Never be settled:  

When you settle yourself in a particular level, you literally give up. It closes all the doors for new hope since there is no new challenge to overcome. 

In a nutshell, this is an ever-changing platform; if you are unable to cope up with adopting new skills and strategies, we will be lagging behind for sure. Unfortunately, it happens here in the country. 



Why Giant marketers?

Giant marketers believe the ultimate success lies in client satisfaction, and it comes from quality service. 

Their years of experienced and skilled members are committed to ensuring their client satisfaction not by convincing words but by quality services. 

They have been on the platform since 2008 and still providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other business-building services all over the world. 

'Giant marketer' is an emerging team formed with ten ears of experienced and skilled crews and members. They provide services from small to large businesses, from home to abroad, and keep expanding their horizons. 

SEO solution and full-fledged website building with quality content, plugins, and other related and required services are key products. They have occupied a renowned place not only in the market place but among their clients also for their highly professional dealings and due time project submission. 



Their Services at a Glance:

1) Search engine optimization (SEO):   

This service includes all the effective steps and actions you need to rank your content. 

Understanding the legal and rational conditions from search engines, they perform their job to reduce any update related risk. It initially revolves around keyword research, link buildings, well-researched and well-written SEO friendly contents, useful tools and plugins, google adds, display Network adds, etc. 

2) Everything related to website design and development: 

They have an individual team formed with trained and skilled crews for this service. All kinds of services related to your websites, such as E-commerce website, Affiliation, customization, and development, are being ensured with the highest quality. 

3) Content writing:

They have recognized and established a writers and researchers team to provide you with content that accelerates the ranking and optimizes the search engine with pure authenticity and reliability. 



From  Giant Marketers:

Digital marketing is an ever-changing platform, and every day you are facing new challenges here. 

We are waiting to assist you with anything related to digital marketing anytime. We really love to make our remuneration legal and rational. So if you stop in the middle or felling sixth and seventh at the beginning, reach out to us; you will be fixed and all set. 

To know more about us visit the website.

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Source :Giant Marketers

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